Louvre gratings applied in Coentunnel Amsterdam

Staco louvre gratings are arranged to provide the correct illumination angle from the moment of entering in or out the Coentunnel. This aid road visibility for the drivers on the highway A8 near Amsterdam.

The creation of the second Coentunnel and the extension of the highway A8 and A 10 West, provides more space on the road. The 2 tunnels now consist of 4 lanes. The design of the second Coentunnel resembles a motorbike. The roof of louvre gratings look like the tongue of a boot and below the louvre gratings there are fans which resemble exhaust pipes of a Harley Davidson.

From an early stage, Staco were considered for the project due to the large panel sizes involved. Staco were able to produce these large panels and give advise about mounting these panels easily.  Staco supplied 2700 m2 Louvre gratings with strong L profils inclusive holes and cut outs for mounting. The gratings were packed per roof, so the assembly team could easily install them in a short time frame.

As well as supplying the gratings Staco is also the right choice for design and mounting ideas.

Staco product used

Louvre gratings typ RL

Technical information

Staco louvre gratings RL 3-50/44x44 galvanised and powdercoated


Highway A8 near Amsterdam



Used in sector


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