Louvre gratings for homes

'Our gardens have durable partitions that match the style of our houses perfectly. The louvre gratings guarantee our privacy without giving us the feeling of being closed in.'

'Staco louvre gratings: beautiful, durable and privacy guaranteed!'

Towards the end of the 1900s, there were already plans to demolish the homes in the St. Joseph area in Almelo and to replace them with new buildings. The homes in the working-class area were old and, in the distant past, they had even had outside toilets. 

The St. Joseph housing corporation did not want to invest any more funds in renovation and they draw up a plan for new buildings. The initial plan was rejected and then there were delays due to the financial crisis.

Class in 1930s style

Eventually, the 'garden-village plan' was accepted and demolition began. Building work was completed in two phases: the first twenty-two homes were completed in late 2013 and the second phase with sixty homes was completed in the autumn of 2018. The new St. Joseph area is located a few minutes from the centre of Almelo, with the De Graven Allee nature area just around the corner.

The houses in 1930s style have been decorated with a variety of stylistic features, awnings, masonry accents and different types of roof. Every house is slightly different.

The garden fences are also stylish. Constructiewerken Twente from Hengelo supplied and installed the fencing and doors with Staco louvre gratings for the second phase of the project. 

Staco type RL louvre gratings

Staco louvre gratings are made of a sturdy mesh of bearing bars and cross bars of strong strip steel. The slat bars are placed at an angle of 45º to reduce transparency and safeguard privacy. 

The Staco louvre gratings were hot-dip galvanised by Rotocoat and then given a twin powder coating in RAL 7021 black grey. The combination of hot-dip galvanising and powder coating means that the grids not only look attractive but are also permanently protected against corrosion. These Staco louvre gratings are a perfect match for the stylish and sustainable homes in this area.

Staco products used

Staco louvre gratings type RL

Technical information

Staco RL galvanised, powdercoated RAL 7021


Almelo, NL


Fencing & partitioning

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